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Brough Superior Motorcycles

Excellence cannot be bought, it must be passed on! Since its creation in 1919, Brough Superior has pushed the quality of its models to the extreme, to the point of overturning the superlatives attached to the motorcycle world. Handcrafted luxury, mechanical innovation and outstanding performance have made Brough Superior an iconic brand, associated with the legends of Lawrence of Arabia and George Bernard Shaw, among others.

The rebirth of Brough Superior in France marks a new stage in the adventure of this exceptional brand, which draws from its DNA the know-how and inspiration to make dreams come true by shaping French luxury motorcycles. Masterpieces handcrafted with passion and authenticity.

Brough Superior is now in the process of being homologated in the United States and Asia 

with a full dealership network, customer support and amazing experience for all our customers.

Our filiales are now operational in the US and Japan and accepting dealer applications to join our growing network!

** Exclusive partnership since 2023 **

Homologation pending in North America and Japan

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An icon built for icons during the Roaring Twenties that quickly garnered itself with a legendary status thanks to Lawrence of Arabia, Brough Superior’s Super Sports 100 motorcycle is for riders who love luxury, beauty and speed. With its classic design, unparalleled elegance, sleek detailing, and top-notch performance, the SS100 is an emblematic Brough Superior motorcycle. Each SS100 motorcycle is handcrafted and custom built for its future owner in Brough Superior’s French workshop. This classic motorcycle has been updated with a modern design while encapsulating the brand’s original engineering ethos. Each detail is designed to optimize its rider’s interaction with the bike and connectivity with the road!



The latest addition to Brough Superior’s French workshop, Lawrence is the ultimate 21st century pillion motorcycle. Its luxurious aesthetics were inspired by the sleek, flowing curve of the traditional Bedouin dagger used by Lawrence of Arabia - the man who helped bring this brand its legendary status and who also inspired this eponymous motorcycle. This revolutionary, hand-crafted, custom two-seater features a revamped retro design that is an ode to the brand’s past. Designed for two riders who want to share in their passion, primmed to hit the road with their adventurous partner. This motorcycle exhibits superior quality, down to the last screw, thanks to the exceptional knowledge and skill used for its traditional artisanal production. This new model represents a major milestone for Brough Superior. It is handcrafted by the finest French artisans and incorporates state-of-the-art engineering and innovative materials. Lawrence is a customizable, high-end pillion motorcycle that can be tailored to its future owner’s specifications.



Like its big sister - the SS100 - the Pendine Sand Racer is one of Brough Superior’s legendary motorcycles. This desert scrambler was originally created for the 20th century’s most daring and reckless riders who were competing on the hostile sands of the eponymous Welsh beaches. Built for drivers with a thirst for freedom and speed, lovers of luxury and breathtaking engineering. In our family of motorcycles, this is the rebel without a cause, capable of seducing only the most adventurous riders. With its refined feline form, the Pendine dares to ride through the wilderness, where an ordinary driver would never venture. Brough Superior’s Pendine Sand Racer will haunt you with its streamlined, elegant curves. Modernized and tailored to its future owner, each Pendine motorcycle is handcrafted and custom-made at Brough Superior’s workshop in France.



Brough Superior’s modern range is being expanded for 2023 with a new roadster named Dagger, which takes the brand into a new dynamic while retaining its traditional extreme build quality.

After the Lawrence released in 2020 and the Nefud which appeared in 2021, the new roadster also refers to the legendary character of Lawrence of Arabia. This was the weapon worn on his belt (janbiya in Arabic) that Lawrence was given in 1917 after the capture of Aqaba, the climax of the Arab Revolt that made him world famous. Symbolically, the dagger, which belonged to a collector far from Britain, returned to the National Army Museum in London just as the Brough Superior brand began its modern era.



AstonMartinLogo copy.png

The strictly limited-edition AMB 001 PRO is the latest design collaboration between the two brands, pairing Aston Martin’s legendary design with state-of-the-art Brough Superior motorcycle engineering. Offered in a single PRO specification, the successor to the sold-out AMB 001 was inspired by Aston Martin’s no rules track hypercar Valkyrie AMR Pro. Like its inspiration, AMB 001 PRO takes track performance to the extreme, offering a 25% power increase on its predecessor, with its 225 HP producing a power to weight ratio of 1.28 hp/kg, similar to that of a Formula One® car. The AMB 001 PRO is offered in a single specification, featuring a racing livery that combines Aston Martin Verdant Jade with matte finished carbon fibre and black Cerakote engine and suspension. These are highlighted by Photon Lime accents, paying a nod to Aston Martin’s winning bloodline of track racers. In common with other extreme performance, ultra-luxury Aston Martin models, AMB 001 PRO is fitted with the Aston Martin ‘lacewing’ badge. Designed for the Aston Martin Valkyrie programme, the chemical etched aluminium lacewing is a remarkable 99.4% lighter than the brand’s regular enamel badge, and at just 70 microns thick is 30% thinner than a human hair. It will be applied on the nose cowl and tank, on top of the painted finish yet beneath a perfectly smooth coat of lacquer.



Downforce is increased via the front spoiler and side wings, with the front cowl now fixed to the bodywork to manage the downforce at the front end of the motorcycle. A tunnel effect air blade directs air over the rider. The airflow enters through a large intake integrated into the front wing, then passes through the new front cowl, to be deflected through the dynamic windshield. 
A rear fin with an aero stabilizer design further refines the aerodynamic updates.



The new AMB 001 PRO builds on the learnings from the AMB 001 and takes track exhilaration to the extreme. The power increase comes courtesy of a new CNC-machine, dual-cylinder 997cc engine, which has been fully machined from AL 5000 solid block. The ideal properties of the material improve the stiffness of the structural engine, whilst a new cylinder design with wet cylinder liners helps to improve cooling.



The very first Aston Martin motorcycle in history, the AMB 001 represents the union of iconic Aston Martin design and Brough Superior’s state-of-the-art engineering. This track-only motorbike is reserved for only the greatest luxury motorcycle connoisseurs. The Aston Martin design team used the series of mid-engine Aston Martin cars to inspire them on clear principles of form and function. Design and engineering work in perfect symbiosis, raising the bar standards to new heights, resulting in the AMB 001. The Aston Martin AMB 001 is a technical masterpiece of high performance, designed with a degree of elegance that is rare in racing motorcycles. Beauty and power are the hallmarks of this exceptional machine. Superior in every way, the AMB 001 is hand-assembled by the finest French craftsmen in Brough Superior’s workshop in Toulouse, France.


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