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Powertrain electrification, vehicle connectivity, autonomous driving, and a host of new mobility solutions are transforming the industry towards the "Automotive and Mobility Endgame." In this environment, RMG work closely with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, technology companies and mobility service providers to develop breakthrough strategies that help you achieve the full potential of your business today while ensuring that every facet of your business is future-ready and poised to seize new opportunities.


Strategy under uncertainty: We support top management in making far-reaching strategic decisions in an environment of disruptive change, volatility and uncertainty; allocate scarce resources to new business opportunities, and to the traditional automotive core business, in order to maximize value generation; determine “no-regrets” moves and build optionality where there is uncertainty; and provide you with the tools you need to to see what’s coming before your competitors do.

Customer centricity: Generate deep customer insights with our advanced analytics capabilities and develop superior customer experiences, while enhancing customer loyalty and advocacy

Full Potential Transformations: We help OEMs and suppliers transform their business models and portfolios for the new era of mobility, while maximizing cash and profit from their traditional core businesses.


Complexity Management: Massively reduce the complexity of your products and services, as well as your processes, systems and organizations, to increase efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


Cost Management: Rigorously take costs out of your core business to align yourself with top industry performers using zero-based methodologies


Revenue enhancement: Exploit the opportunities presented by value-based pricing of your products and services using advanced analytics to minimize revenue leakage and improve profit margins.


Mergers & Acquisitions: Bain, as the global leader in private equity consulting, consistently provides an investor's and owner's perspective on potential acquisitions and partnerships, and has a unique track record for helping companies generate the full anticipated value of deals with our post-merger integration expertise.


Digitalization: Harness the power of digital to generate new revenue and profit streams, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce back-office costs.


Organizational Design: Break down functional silos, enhance your organizational structure and apply Agile development to streamline processes and accelerate profitable growth. 


Change Management: Build the internal capabilities and behavioral changes needed to ensure that the changes you’ve made stick, and that implementation proceeds in an effective, manageable and measurable way.



















Real customer focus: Automotive and mobility leaders will put the customer and her needs at the center of their business and provide customer-centric propositions and processes on the same level as leading technology players do today. This is nothing short of a fundamental cultural change for the traditionally engineering- and product-oriented automotive industry.


Autonomous driving will form the foundation for completely new mobility solutions in urban mobility with self-driving robo-cabs over the next few years. In addition, autonomous driving will become available as an option in Premium and Luxury vehicles.


Connectivity/Digitalization: All cars will be connected to the internet and essentially become digitally enabled devices on wheels. Increasing connectivity and digitalization will lead to new service offerings, but also impact the multi-channel customer journey.


Electric powertrains will grow steeply to meet emission standards; once price parity is reached, customer-driven momentum will push this trend further.


Shared mobility services will result in new solutions for urban mobility. 

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